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We offer virtual and in-person programs located in Montreal.

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Linebacker Prototype Academy

The academy is meant for our linebackers located in the Montreal area. It is heavily focus on technique and movement efficiency development.
Players have the occasion to perform in a professional environment with professional coaches.


College Prep Virtual Program

The college Prop Virtual program has helped over 60+ Linebackers all over the world. The goal is to provide High school/ college Linebacker with elite level knowledge /technique while preparing them for College

What You'll Access

Run Read Analysis


Blitzing Strategies

Pass Rushing Analysis

Block Shedding Techniques

Coverage Analysis

How to Watch Film like a Pro

Tackling Analysis

Mindset Development 

College Recruiting Strategies



Online Movement Efficiency Program

No scheduling needed to purchase!

A 3 month program that aims to improve movement efficiency, footwork, reaction time. Players receive drills that are linebacker specific.

What You'll Access

Each drill is recorded and well explained. Players also benefit from an entire tutorial
Section where movements are broken down in details.

Warm Up Mobility

Activation Drills

Game Related Drills


Footwork Drills

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